HIGHSTEP SYSTEM offers several major benefits:


The HighStep System offers its user multiple safety features through a firmly fixed connection to the HighStep Rail. This ensures that missteps or falls are nearly impossible.


The HighStep System allows to comfortably climb without any pressure on the user’s arms. The users stands upright and moves his legs as if he was climbing steps. The height of each step can thereby be chosen individually.


The HighStep Rail is extremley flexible and modularly extensible through the use of the different climbing devices. It thereby offers full compability with all HighStep climbing devices and accessories. Moreover, the HighStep Rail is very simple to install and can be applied regardless of the shape and surface of the building.


The HighStep Rail forms the everlasting inalterable element of the HighStep System. While climbing with HighStep Easy and driving the HighStep Lift HighStep Easy are today’s standard, various future devices and product developments will run on the already existing HighStep Rail.


The HighStep Rail generally requires no maintenance. The redundancy of maintenance covers all elements (rail, rail connection profiles and all standard parts used for assembly) that are fix installed on the building.


The HighStep Rail can only be climbed in connection with HighStep climbing gear. This prevents the access of unauthorized individuals and therefore minimizes the risk of damage to people and materials caused by misuse.


The HighStep Rail is visually very discrete. The rail’s slender design and the customizable colours aim to reduce the impact on the general appearance of the building.


The use of the HighStep Systems allows to keep workers of higher age on their job as the effects on the physical condition are dramatically reduced. Users will be able to improve their performance irrespective of age when using HighStep Lift or HighStep Easy.


The HighStep System offers a high degree of profitability. All our products maintain highest quality- and sustainability standards whilst simultaneously minimizing purchasing-, installation- and maintenance costs and maximising the economic product benefits (time saving, safety, adaptivity etc.).