The world’s first portable Lift, a compact machine that encompasses high level technology and latest engineering features, the most revolutionary HighStep product has finally been certifiedby Tüv Süd following the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

This directive is a European Union directive concerning machinery, developed to ensure a common safety level in machinery placed on the market within the European Union. European directives set the essentail health and safety requirements that apply to all manufacturers. This particular directive applies to a selected group of new machines, including lifting equipment.

Being an elevator for the transport of people to the workplace, the HighStep Lift has undergone a long process of testing, monitoring and observation that led to the conclusion that the product fully complies with the European requirements and the safety of the operators is ensured at any moment, thanks to a wide range of safety features.DSC_1194

The long duration of the certification process was due to the fact that the product is very hard, if not impossible, to compare to any existing machine, and this makes any decision and analysis a brand new one. The various steps that brought to the certification helped HighStep improving and optimizing the technical details and thereby allowed us to bring to the market a very valuable product, a state-of-the-art technology whose aim is to change the world of climbing and finally introduce a fully automated and perfectly safe elevator for reaching workplaces at height.

A milestone worth celebrating, check in this page how you can profit from it!