Can you see the HighStep Rail on the tower on the left?

No Photoshop involved. It’s just an effect of the special color of the Rail that, when the sun hits it, becomes invisible to the eye and blends in with the beautifully designed white Wintrack pylons.

The aesthetic value of a climbing system is measured by its ability not to disturb and spoil the design of the tower where it’s mounted. A discreet system makes not only architects and designers happy, but also helps the towers be approved and appreciated by the citizens.

A nice-looking tower is much more accepted by the people living near the line than an ugly lattice tower would be. But designers and famous architects don’t want their work to be visually disturbed by a bulky ladder: we offer you and them an alternative solution, an efficient and unobtrusive climbing system.This will make their towers more beautiful and thus better accepted by the public, causing less problems and protests while building new lines.

The beauty of HighStep is due to its slender shape, the color of the anodised aluminum which can be adapted to the color of the structure, as well as its narrow width (110mm) compared to for example a 30-40 cm metallic ladder. In addition, its distance to the tower is also minimal. Pleasing to the eye (or even invisible!), but also safe, future-oriented, efficient and ergonomic. What else do you want from a climbing system?