Workplaces at height are hard to reach for the authorized workers, but sometimes too easy to reach for unauthorized people with bad intentions. Ladders, climbing bolts, ropes and other structures installed on the towers may represent an effortless access for thieves and other criminals.

The problem is particulary relevant in the telecommunications industry, where the valuable technical equipment on top of the tower attracts thieves especially in rural and unattanded areas, but it is present in all industries, due for example to copper wires and similar materials. All towers’ owners need to deal with this problem, it is their responsibility to deny access to their towers, not only to protect their equipment but also to avoid accidents and falls of people who are not trained to climb and don’t have the right safety equipment to do it.

We decided to analyze the background, consequences and possible solutions to this issue, focusing on the point of view of the climbing system and how choosing the right system can help increase the safety not only of the workers, but also of the towers themselves.

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